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Kiss Think lips Goodbye with Lip Fillers

Are you dreaming of a fuller-looking, voluptuous and luscious lips? Are your lips show signs of ageing? Are your lips showing signs of smoking? At Aesthetic London UK, we strive to make sure your lips are enhanced to become your perfect pout! Lip fillers are a minimally invasive treatment options, which can adjust the shape of your lips; add volume to your lips and create a balanced smile.

As humans, our lips are the facial feature that draws in most people’s attention. Beautiful lips can enhance your appearance and boost your self-confidence.

As we age, the shape and the volume of our lips can start to change; whether our lips start to flatten, or lines appear around the mouth. With the use of dermal lip fillers, volume can be injected back to the lips; which helps restore the shape and equilibrium of the facial feature, lending a youthful appearance.

At Aesthetic London UK, our experienced Cosmetic Doctors and Nurse Practitioners use top of the range injecting techniques to address the aesthetic imperfections to ensure you have perfectly natural-looking lips. It requires no surgery, involves minimal discomfort and results are visible immediately.



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What are lip fillers or lip enhancement?

We might be born with naturally thin lips or over time; our lips may lose their volume, shape, and appear uneven, possibly even leaving us with aging lines on the border of our lips and corners of our mouths. Lip fillers or lip enhancement can revert or minimise the impact of the abovementioned aesthetic problems.

How much lip filler do I need?

The amount of premium quality lip filler you will need is dependent on the desired look want to achieve. Whether you prefer a noticeable enhancement or a subtle and natural-looking pout, the amount of product used will be discussed in your consultation with one of our highly regarded medical professionals. Whichever you prefer, our long lasting and high-quality lip fillers will leave you with a smooth and even-textured pout. Our cosmetic consultants and qualified nurse practitioners will always ensure that your requests are realistic as we always aim to balance your lips with your other facial features in an aim to enhance your natural beauty.

How long do lip fillers or lip enhancements last?

Typically, the premium quality dermal fillers we use at Aesthetic London UK for our lip enhancement procedures can last up to 12 months.

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